A superfast, keyboard
driven, program launcher!



KbStart provides lightning fast keyboard access to numerous resources by just by entering short abbreviations. These resources include the Windows Start Menu, Outlook Address Book, Web Favorites, Control Panels, and others.

The abbreviations can match any character in the items name. For example you can type MOUT to launch Microsoft Outlook, CALC to open the "Calculator", MJ to write an email to "Mike Jones", or SM to find and launch the "Sounds and Multimedia" control panel.

The set of items and their corresponding abbreviations don't need to be configured manually. KbStart uses a very powerful, adaptive abbreviation search algorithm that allows you to enter any imaginable abbreviation of the searched item.


Web Based Favorites!

Keep and manage your bookmarks on the web! is a web-based bookmark manager that allows users to create accounts and upload, download, and manage bookmarks and favorites links directly from a browser. Then you can access them at any time, from any computer... anywhere!

There is also a pop-up feature that allows you to add links while surfing the web. Sign up today!

Technology Demos
SDMap Server v1.0 Demo
Dynamically generated maps in Flash


SDMap Server v1.0 Demo

This demo contains all the street data for the counties of San Mateo, CA and Cairo, IL. The Flash maps are generated dynamically, on the fly, from the data in our database.

This demo will perform address lookup and latitude/longitude lookup for these counties.

Be sure to click on the "Flash Version" link at the bottom, when you get there. This will take you to a prototype of a map interface designed entirely in Flash. And, within this interface, you are able to drag the map around!

Try it out at!

Zoom Map Demo
Zoom in and out on this map


Zoom Map Demo

This demo will zoom a map in and out. From an ariel view of Chicago all the way down to the offices at Software Designs.

Try it out at!